6 Ton Shop Press Hydraulic Industrial Garage Workshop Floor Standing Jack


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6 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press

This Shop press with 6 tons of pressure force offers the ideal support in trade, motoring, industry, agriculture, gardening, landscaping and many other fields. The principle is very simple: While producing just a minimum force on the pressure piston, there is generated an enormous force on the working piston. 

Alignment processes, bending, stamping or even pressing and crimping works are performed without any great effort by using this 6-ton press. This press is the ideal means for repairs, restoration and much more.

The solid frame construction made of steel has the dimension: 94 x 34 x 15 cm and a weight of 24 kg.

The press can be floor standing with the built in stand.

The bolted crossbeams along with the supporting parts are adjustable in 4 different heights. The height of the press table can be easily adjusted.

The lift height is 125 mm.

Both supporting parts are adjustable. Depending on the size and nature of the work piece the working width can be adjusted between 20 and 245 mm.

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