AirWheel Electric Unicycle Red Protective Bumper Strip


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AirWheel Electric Unicycle Red Protective Bumper Strip




This Red bumper sticker will greatly aid in your comfort when riding the Airwheel Unicycle. If you find your legs are sore from gripping the side of the uni cycle then then just add some strips of this bumper sticker to create that soft cushion comfort you need. The bumper sticker can also be used to protect the outer edges of the case to make sure any little bumps or scrape damage is minimised. Fed up with your Airwheel looking the same? Just add this Red bumper sticker to create whirls lines and designs to make your Airwheel your own!



  • Colour – Red.
  • 2m x 0.08m Bumper  strip.
  • 2m tape.
  • 9mm thickness.


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