Flymo EasiClean Li Portable Pressure Cleaner 18V 200l/h 5m Hose 3 Nozzles


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Flymo EasiClean Li Portable Pressure Cleaner

Enjoy great cleaning power with Flymo’s new low pressure cleaner, with the added benefit of no mains cables. Flymo’s battery operated EasiClean enables you to clean around the home as well as out and about. Perfect for use when out camping, mountain biking as well as cleaning decking and outside furniture. The EasiClean can be used by attaching to an outside tap or simply with a bucket of water.


  • Portable, with no mains cable needed, the Flymo EasiClean Pressure Cleaner enables to clean around the home and garden as well as when one is out and about
  • The portable nature of the EasiClean makes it ideal to take with you on mountain biking trails allowing you to clean your bikes off before putting them either in your car or on a bike rack
  • The filter attachment means you can use any nearby water supply (ponds, lakes, water troughs, etc.) to clean your belongings with ease
  • The hose that comes with the EasiClean can be dropped into a bucket of water which is ideal if you don’t have an outdoor water supply or if your water supply is too far from where you wash your car


  • Flow Rate – 200 L/H
  • Battery – 18v
  • Weight – 1.5kg
  • Hoise Length – 5m

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