Gardena AL1830CV and PBA 18V/45 P4A 18v Li-ion Battery 2.5ah and Charger Kit


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Gardena AL 1830 CV and PBA 18V/45 P4A 18v Cordless Li-ion Battery 2.5ah and Battery Charger

The Power For All 18v Alliance is one of the largest cross-brand 18v battery platforms on the market today. Power For All lithium ion batteries were orginally developed for the Bosch Home & Garden range of cordless tools but can now be used in all Power For All 18v Alliance products, from manufacturers including Gardena, Bosch, Gloria, Wagner and Rapid. Using less batteries is kinder to the environment and more convenient for the end user.

This Power For All starter kit includes an AL 1830 CV charger and one 18v 2.5ah battery.

• Battery Voltage: 18v
• Battery Type: Power For All 18v Alliance (Lithium Ion)
• Battery Capacity: 2.5ah

Features & Benefits
• Power For All Alliance battery and charger starter kit
• Compatible with all products in the Power For All 18v Alliance
• Suitable for tools from manufacturers including Gardena, Bosch , Gloria, Wagner and Rapid
• Charger is fitted with a 240v UK mains plug
• Greatest application variety for your entire home and garden

• AL 1830 CV Battery Charger (240v UK Mains Plug)
• Power For All 18v 2.5ah Battery

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