Flymo SimpliGlide 330 Electric Hover Lawn Mower 1700W Motor 33cm Cutting Width Folds Flat 10m Cable


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Flymo SimpliGlide 330 Hover Lawn Mower

Designed for small to medium gardens, the Flymo SimpliGlide 330 is a 33cm electric hover non-collect lawnmower with a powerful 1700W motor. Highly manoeuvrable as it floats on a cushion of air whilst cutting the grass. Equipped with dual lever handles, can easily fold down for storage and be wall-mounted.


  • Manual Cutting Height Adjust
  • Foldable handles for easy storage


  • Ideal for sloped and irregular shaped gardens, the SimpliGlide 330 is a compact and lightweight hover mower that floats on a cushion of air, making it highly manoeuvrable for your ease-of-use
  • Utilises a powerful, high performance 1700 W motor and a 33 cm cutting deck capable of cutting through even thick dense grass – so you can tackle your lawn with ease
  • It’s 4 cutting heights ranging from 10 to 30 mm allows you the flexibility to find the perfect height for your lawn, with the long life metal blade ensuring a neater cut and tidy finish to your lawn
  • This lawn mower drops your grass clippings back into the lawn – acting as a natural fertiliser
  • It’s 10 m cable gives you the freedom and flexibility to move around your garden area, without the need to worry about reach, and the flat folding handles allow the mower to hang up on the wall for space saving storage after use


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