Twin Pack Garden Clear Poly Tunnel Cloche Set Steel Hoops Netting Window Vents Black


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Keep Pests Away – Prolong Your Growing Season…


Mini Greenhouse Set – 1pc Heavy Duty Polyethylene Fabric/UV Treated With Windows & Steel Hoops – 1pc Fine Mesh With Steel Hoops


The Heavy Duty Polyethylene and Fine Mesh Covers can help you turn your raised beds / planters into an efficient mini-greenhouse to extend the growing season and protect your crops from pest attack…

Transform your vegetable-laden raised beds / planters into an efficient mini-greenhouse with the minimum of effort, prolong your growing season and even ventilate summer crops without compromising on crop protection with these 2x covers double act – one that garden pests certainly won’t find amusing! 


  • Mini Greenhouse Set
  • 1pc heavy duty polyethylene fabric/UV treated mini greenhouse with windows and steel hoops to protect your veg
  • 1pc fine Mesh with steel hoops to protect from insects.


  • Clear Polyethylene Fabric with Velcro Windows
  • 2 Sections & 2 Windows
  • Height : 65cm
  • Width : 62cm
  • Length : 110cm
  • Black Fine Mesh
  • Height : 63cm
  • Width : 60cm
  • Length : 110cm

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